It’s going to be a really busy year for Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning as we travel around the country introducing our new innovative product…..Tank Spinner, and we are really, really excited about it.

Using only the natural flow of rainwater, Tank Spinner allows us to direct the water flowing into the tank, creating a whirlpool action inside the tank. This results in the majority of the sediment being concentrated at the tank centre, away from the extraction point, giving you cleaner water as well as protecting your pumps, prolonging your filter life and blocking the sunlight from entering your tank and causing algae.

It is a DIY insert that retails for $90 for the 400mm version and $99 for the 500mm.

If you own a water tank you really need to see this product.

Check out our Upcoming Events page to see which Field Days we will be exhibiting at and drop by and have a look at our demo tank to see Tank Spinner in action.

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