Frequently Asked Questions!

What size tanks do you usually clean?
I clean between 1000 litres and 1 mega litre tanks.
I think my tank is leaking, can it be repaired?
A lot of tanks can be repaired, if not we will recommend having a liner installed.
Should I clean my water tank even if my water appears to be of a high quality?
The recommendation is that your tank be cleaned every 2 – 3 years but if this is your personal supply and it only has a low degree of contaminants, it is at your personal discretion as to the frequency that you have it serviced.
How do you know you are removing all of the sediment from my tank?
Most of the time I can see the bottom of the tank, if not I attach an underwater camera to the vacuum head which I monitor to ensure the whole tank is cleaned.
Is the equipment you use hygienic?
Yes, we specialise in cleaning water tanks that are used for drinking water and our equipment is used for this purpose only and we periodically sanitise our equipment to ensure it is.
Does my tank need to be empty for you to clean it?
No, I actually need water in the tank to clean it.
How much water will I lose?
You can expect to lose about a foot to 1-1/2 foot of water, dependant on how dirty the tank is.
Do you take the waste water away?
We suck all of the sediment from the bottom of the tank and this is then pumped to waste in your paddock or garden.
How long do I have to wait after you clean my tank before I can use my water?
You can use your water straight away, if you can’t that means I have not done my job properly.
What if some animal has died in my tank?
I can sanitise it for you with a chlorine dioxide solution to knock out any biological bacteria and odour.
Why does my water have a yellow tinge?
If you have a lot of leaf litter in your gutters the tannins can stain the water, much the same as a teabag discolours a cup of hot water.  Regular cleaning of your gutters can alleviate the discolouring over time as the tank is filled with fresh rainwater.
Do I need to clean the walls of my tank.
Generally not, gravity dictates that 99% of all debris will accumulate at the bottom of the tank and it is not worth sacrificing your water for the small gain of cleaning the walls.
How do I know if my tank contains algae?
Algae cannot grow without sunlight so this is highly unlikely.  If your tank does contain algae we need to address the problem of sunlight being allowed to penetrate your tank.
How often should I have my tank cleaned.
The Health Department recommends cleaning your water tank approx every 3 years.  Obviously this depends on the surrounding environment, ie: trees, dusty roads, etc.  We can inspect your tank and advise on the necessary frequency of our cleaning services.  Rest assured that we won’t try to sell you a service that is not required.

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