Leigh thanks so much. Your service was great. We truely appreciate your prompt response. I would highly recommend you to others. I will be in touch when we next need our tank cleaned.
Thanks again!!
Alana - Mount Hunter (January 20)

Leigh did an outstanding job on our tank, coming at short notice to do a really thorough clean out. His skill and his equipment were up to a tough job, and he did it quickly and cheerfully. I would certainly recommend Leigh – he gets the job done!
Geoff - Nanima (December 19)

Great service and so personable …. extremely dependable and would highly recommend.
Leisha - Murrumbateman (December 19)

Once again, Leigh has been amazing. I contacted him because the water in my house tank became discoloured and smelly and he booked me in for 3 weeks time when he was coming my way. When the water became completely putrid, I rang him again and he made a special effort to get to me (at 6am!). The tank was so bad that it required emptying. He provided me with everything I needed to complete the cleaning job as well as full instructions about cleaning the water lines in the house. It is such a relief to have beautifully clean and drinkable water, with absolutely no smell. I can’t thank Leigh enough for his amazing service and thoughtfulness!
Sue - Gundaroo (November 19)

Leigh did a fantastic job cleaning our (very dirty) tank at a very reasonable price. Excellent communication and very helpful throughout. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get their water tank cleaned!
Ash - Yanderra (November 19)

Wowzas, the amount of gunk Leigh cleaned out of our tank is unbelievable!!!  Turned the only water supply to our family home from toxic brown to sterilised drinking water!  Very happy with his prompt service and communication.  Thanks Leigh for saving us money and health!
Jamie and Gillian - Wingello (October 19)

I have had trouble, like many others, with the constant battle whilst on tank water, trying to ensure we have clean water, but it has been very hard to maintain changing water filters regularly.  I had two pre filters and carbon water filters for drinking water and this adds up to spending a small fortune on water filters.

 I met Leigh at the Hawkesbury Show where he was demonstrating his Tank Spinner.  He came around to my residence to clean out my tank but was unable to clean the tank due to lack of water, but he installed his Tank Spinner. When I had some water delivered and the water carter fed it through the Tank Spinner that Leigh had installed, it did what it was designed to do, by pushing the debris into the centre of the tank by centrifugal action. Our water was the cleanest it had ever been, and my family was ecstatic, as clean water was already coming out of the tap.

 On Leigh’s subsequent return he cleaned out the debris from the tank, which was like a small volcano in the centre, after this was carried out I have never in 25 years living on tank water had water that has been so clean and smell free.

 I am very impressed with his Tank Spinner and how passionate he was with the system, this small family business hopefully will give him the great Australian Dream, it is not a big co-operative system but a small heavily invested system of which I hope he does well.

 In fact, I am so impressed with my Tank Spinner, that I have given Leigh my personal phone number and permission to hand it out to people at his discretion, and I am happy to answer any questions.

 The Tank Spinner is saving me about $100.00 every quarter, so it well and truly pays for itself in under a year.

Stephen - Kurrajong (September 19)

Leigh did a great job cleaning our underground 30,000L tank (which hadn’t been cleaned since it was installed 10 years ago). He was friendly, easy to communicate with, and turned up at the appointed time. We will definitely use him again, but won’t wait another 10 years next time!
Andrew - Nurrabundah (September 19)

Leigh did a great job cleaning and sanitizing our tank. He was on time, efficient and communicative. Plus, he was patient and engaging with our two inquisitive kids, who ask a lot of questions!
Angus - Otford (August 19)

Friendly and efficient service at a great price.  Thanks Leigh 🙂

Kerrie - Towradgi (August 19)

Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning is bloody fantastic. Highly recommended, top job, top bloke. Great set up, quick, efficient & does the job 100%. I will be passing his details on for sure.

Lou - Tallong (July 19)

Thankyou Leigh for cleaning our water tank. Great set up you have, fantastic job, would highly recommend and will definitely use you again in the future.

Tony - Medway (July 19)

What an excellent service Leigh provides!  Leigh responded immediately to my voicemail and I knew exactly when he was going to do the job – unlike many tradespeople!  The domestic tank on our house had not been cleaned for many years (if at all!) and the water inside had a shocking odour that was caused by Christmas Beetles.  Yuck! Having a shower was not the pleasurable experience it should have been.  Leigh arrived in his spruce-looking vehicle with sparkling clean equipment and went to work straight away removing an embarrassingly huge amount of sludge from the depths of our concrete tank!  After a relatively short time, the water flowed out of the apparatus crystal clear and there was no stench.  Hooray!  We didn’t lose much water either.  Aside from being the cheapest quote I got, Leigh’s reliability sold me in the long run.   Don’t waste your time shopping around – just ring Leigh!

Melissa - Werai (Feb 19)

Leigh was efficient to come out and get our job done, our water was so bad that I wasn’t even able to shower at home. The job was done quick, and almost immediately I was able to have a shower and bath in our own home again. Affordable, friendly, and just did a GREAT job!! No mess, no fuss and used minimal water in the process so no need to empty and refill the tank.

Tracey Maree - Yanderra (Feb 19)

Really appreciated Leigh’s relaxed but professional approach. He took the time to show me what he was doing and to explain how the equipment worked. He was considerate of where he was pumping the water (i.e. not over our septic trench but into the paddock) and when he discovered that the tank was smaller than I had told him it was, dropped his fee voluntarily. I’ll be using him again the next time I need a tank cleaned out – you can’t get a better recommendation from a client than that!! 

Ricki - Burra (Nov 18)

Leigh did a fantastic job of cleaning our very dirty water tank. He fit us in on very short notice, has a great phone manner and even did a follow up phone call to make sure we were happy with his service and had no problems. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Talliesin - Yass (Sept 18)

Our tank was leaking, so it was complicated. Leigh logically problem solved to arrive at the best, most efficient and affordable solution. A genuine, friendly, punctual and obliging guy, I highly recommend Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning.

Lynda – Orangeville (Sept 18)

Although Leigh did not physically undertake a job for me due to the type of the tanks I have, he helped me understand the value of the water in the tanks and gave me ideas and options on what to do with replacing the water pump and the cost and benefits of doing so. He went out of his way by doing his own research to ensure I wasn’t being ripped off by others who were quoting me on pumps that were over the top for what I required. He is honest and incredibly helpful. He gave me peace of mind in the decision I made, made me feel supported in an area I had no idea about and saved me hundreds of dollars in the process.  I highly recommend him and his work. Thanks Leigh. I will definitely refer others to you. 
Anandamarga - Canberra (Sept 18)

Many months ago, Leigh came and cleaned our house water tank and he had an excellent system to thoroughly clean the tank and use minimal water in the process. Recently he returned to clean and sterilise a second tank that had been filled with dirty dam water. The water is now clean, non-smelly and drinkable! Leigh is very organised, professional and extremely reliable. I can certainly highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their tank water.

Gundaroo Girl – Murrumbateman (Aug 18)

Leigh returned my calls promptly, came when he said he would and did an amazing job of cleaning our (very dirty) tank. We were pleasantly surprised by how little water we lost from the tank in the cleaning process and the water is back to tasting lovely. Highly recommend Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning.

Skye – Murrumbateman

Just when I thought I’d be without water for a week along came Leigh and saved the day. Extremely professional, great service and a great price. Highly recommend without any doubt.

Fiona – Orangeville

We had a desperate problem with our only supply of water leaking & needed a solution. Our neighbour recommended Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning who cleaned, inspected & recommended a reasonable solution being a water tank liner. Leigh’s service was exemplary and fast. We are very happy & wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leigh & Karen to anyone. 10 out of 10 for us!! Many thanks

John & Kerri – Appin

Leigh is reliable, knowledgeable & very very good at what he does. We had big water problems all solved by Leigh in a very short time!  5 stars from us and we are lifetime customers.

Jac & Mike – Murrumbateman

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