2 x 500,000L Fire Retention Tanks

Location: Alexander Maconochie Centre, ACT

fire retention tank

The Scope

For this job our goal was to vacuum clean the sediment from the bottom of 2 x 500,000L fire retention tanks, without decommissioning them.  This job was to be undertaken by dive cleaning the tanks, which meant Leigh had to don the dry suit and scuba gear, and weigh himself down to allow him to vacuum clean the sediment from the floor of these tanks.

We were able to isolate each tank for cleaning, leaving the other fully operational, therefore keeping the fire-fighting system functional in case of fire.

To obtain entry to the Alexander Maconochie Centre, we had to strip the trailer down to just the bare necessities, then document the contents so they could be checked off on entry to, and again on exit from the centre. It was a new experience for us.


About Fire Retention Tanks

Fire retention tanks, also known as fire water storage tanks, play a critical role in fire protection systems. These tanks are designed to store a large volume of water that can be used for firefighting purposes in the event of a fire. The stored water in fire retention tanks provides a reliable and immediate source of water for fire sprinkler systems and fire hydrants, which can be crucial in controlling and extinguishing fires. The size and capacity of these tanks can vary greatly depending on the needs of the building or facility they serve, but all fire retention tanks are built with the same goal in mind: to provide a dependable source of water for firefighting efforts.

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