Installation of Liner in Concrete Water Tank

Location: Clairgate Public School, St Clair

fire retention tank

The Scope

The scope of this job was to install a liner in a 110KL concrete water tank on the school ground.

Whilst we certainly aren’t strangers to installing liners, this one was a little different due to the pump being quite sturdily mounted to the floor of the tank.  This meant we had to fabricate and fit new bracing that would support the pump from the ceiling of the tank, rather than from the floor.

The job took a little longer than usual, so rather than being completed on the weekend whilst school was out, we found ourselves running over into the school day.  The kids were rather amused when we poked our heads out of the top of the water tank, headlamps ablaze, and we chuckled as we heard tiny voices say… “I told you someone was in there”!


About Water Tank Liners

Water tank liners are an integral component in maintaining the longevity and safety of your water storage solution. These essential products, known as water tank liners, are designed to protect and prolong the life of your water tank, ensuring its integrity and the cleanliness of the water stored inside. They prevent leaks, control corrosion, and create a barrier against harmful bacteria and algae. Using high-quality, durable materials, water tank liners can withstand various conditions, providing reliable performance and significant cost savings over the long term. Regardless of your tank’s shape or size, a properly installed water tank liner can preserve its functionality, ensuring safe, clean water storage for years to come. Therefore, investing in water tank liners is a wise decision for those aiming for optimum water tank maintenance and extended service life.

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