Are you constantly battling to keep your filters clean whilst on tank water, having to clean or change your water filters more regularly than normal?  Replacing water filters on a regular basis can add up to a small fortune being spent just trying to provide clean, fresh water for your family. One of our happy customers believes that by installing a Tank Spinner he is saving about $100.00 every quarter, so it will well and truly pay for itself in under a year, but continue working for many more. 

 How does it work?

Using only the natural flow of rainwater, Tank Spinner allows us to direct the water flowing into the tank, creating a whirlpool action. This results in the majority of the sediment, which is where the bacteria flourishes, being concentrated at the centre of the tank, away from the extraction point, giving you cleaner water, protecting your pumps, prolonging your filter life and blocking sunlight that causes algae.

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