Has your tank water suddenly turned a murky shade of brown?

This is more than likely due to the recent rainfall stirring up all the sediment sitting at the bottom of your tank as well as washing all of the dirt and dust off of your roof into it.

Don’t panic, cleaning your water tank doesn’t mean losing all of this precious resource you have just caught, but it does remind us that tank maintenance is a very important part of living on tank water.

Here is an analogy for you…..How dirty does your car get in only a week? Would you want to drink the water run off from washing your car after a week? I’m guessing the answer is no!

Now imagine how dirty your roof would get in a week, or a month, or a year or even more?  Add to that the winds that have been blowing strong all recently, stirring up all the dirt and dust which is in abundance due to the dry conditions.  Where do you think all of that goes?   It settles on your roof until the rain comes and washes it all straight down into your precious water supply!

Time to get your tank cleaned?  Probably!


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