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Based in NSW, servicing the corridor between the Hawkesbury and the Snowy Mountains, including the ACT.



Crack Repairs, Tank Liners & Banding!

Many concrete tanks are repairable. We can also install tank liners.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

This image shows the Leigh's Water Tank Cleaning Logo

Based in NSW, servicing the corridor between the Hawkesbury and the Snowy Mountains, including the ACT.



Crack Repairs, Tank Liners and Banding!

Many concrete tanks are repairable. We can also install tank liners.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Do you have a cracked and leaking water tank?

Let Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning come and take a look. We offer tank repairs and tank liner services, we can also fit steel bands to reinstate the structural integrity of your water tank if required. With tank repairs the severity of the damage determines whether a repair is possible or the tank needs to be lined. If the damage to your tank is assessed as being too extensive to repair a tank liner may be your last resort. We are happy to come out and measure up to provide you with a free quote.

Concrete Water Tank Repairs, Liners and Banding

Water is such a precious resource that no one wants to see wasted due to cracked and leaking water tanks.  Most concrete water tanks will develop cracks over time due to ground movement and given our climate of extreme dry and wet periods alike, there is always the potential for further movement and cracking. Sometimes the cracks are not as obvious, floor cracks are common and often go undetected.

Repairing a water tank using sealants or fillers may seem like an inexpensive solution, and it can be successful, but this is usually when there are only minor cracks, it’s not normally the case for water tanks where there is severe damage and/or multiple cracks. 

Sealants and fillers may only be a short-term solution, we find that many of the water tanks we install liners in have already been patched.  It’s also important to note that most sealants and fillers only allow for a very small amount of movement, so say you were to apply a product with a 15% stretch rating across a crack of 1mm, it only has to move 0.2 of a mm before the patch starts to fail.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to repairing your cracked and leaking water tank, installing a tank liner is a far more reliable, long term solution, which in the end makes it a more cost-effective alternative. 


All liners are custom-made to fit your water tank size and shape, domestic or commercial.

We use quality Australian made tank liners that comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4020:2018 Water Potability Standard. Products for use in contact with drinking water.

Reinforced, Advanced Thermoplastic Polyolefin material (TPO) ideally suited to tank liners.

UV stable, potable certified to the Australian standard and BPA free.

Contains no plasticisers which can migrate out of the liner over time causing shrinkage, brittleness and premature failure.

Does not leave a smell or taste in the water.

Is reinforced so it does not shrink or stretch.

Made in Australia for Australian Conditions.


Installing a liner in your water tank can be done with minimal downtime.  We will clean, drain and install your liner within the same day, in most cases.

Once the water tank has been cleaned and drained the piers or supports are removed and the floor and wall of the water tank are checked thoroughly for anything sharp that may compromise or puncture the liner.

When required we core drill new outlets and install new brass flanged liner outlets and gate valves, and we pre-drill all liner fixing points.  We check the position of the overflow to ensure that it is below the inlet, as we have had to re-pin and/or replace liners that have failed due to this not being taken into account during the initial installation by other parties.  In our experience we find that liner failures generally come down to poor installation rather than product failure.

We line the tank with a layer of Geotech for added protection between the tank and the liner.  Metal roof support posts are removed and replaced with acrow props, for tanks with piers, we remove a small section at the base of the concrete pier to allow for the installation of the liner, we then re-pack these with compressed concrete and food grade rubber pads to protect the liner.  Once the liner is secured to the tank wall, all inlets and outlets are sealed, the external plumbing can then be re-fitted, and your tank is ready to use again.

If you are in an area that is at risk of being affected by bushfires, we can install a Stortz fitting that can be used by the Fire Department should they need to defend your property.


Horizontal cracks do not pose a major structural concern, but if your water tank is severely damaged with multiple vertical cracks, we may recommend banding to reinstate the structural integrity of the tank. This is because the reo inside your tank wall could be rusted at the crack lines, which means that the structural strength of the tank could be compromised, and the tank wall could blow out under the pressure of the water pushing against it once is able to hold full capacity due to liner installation.

If you are unsure about the structural integrity of your concrete water tank, fitting steel bands may be the simplest way to give you back your piece-of-mind, as well as potentially avert further movement and cracking of the tank wall in the future.  Our steel bands are fabricated specifically for your water tank with tension points at every join for optimal effectiveness.


All liners come with a conditional 10-year warranty.

Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning stand behind the installation of your tank liner 100%.

Our Tank Liners and Banding

For a reliable, no fuss approach to repairing your water tank go no further than Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning.

Areas We Service

Based in NSW, we service the corridor from The Hawkesbury all the way down to the Snowy Mountains, including the ACT!

Camden and surrounding areas, the Southern Highlands including Robertson, Kangaroo Valley and surrounding areas, Windsor, Richmond and surrounding areas, Wollongong, Nowra and surrounding areas, Goulburn, Murrumbateman, Braidwood, Canberra, Cooma, Jindabyne and everything in between.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say!

What a great find – Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning. After a brutal hailstorm in January 2022, my water tank was full of debris that caused the water to be contaminated with e coli. Having had the tank cleaned by Leigh, I asked Leigh how we stop litter from getting into the water tank again. Leigh introduced me to his ‘catch and spin’ – just another great find. The tank spinner is placed within a box that is mounted over a hole drilled over my concrete water tank lid. The existing pipes were terminated and reconnected so that they came into the tray inside the box that sits just above the tank spinner. A leaf screen is inserted into the box, which filters the water as it goes into the water tank. The leaf sediment is collected in the screen. Although some of the fine sediment may pass through the leaf screen, that sediment is caught up in the vortex created by the tank spinner and this results in the settlement of the sediment being concentrated in the centre of the tank, away from the extraction point. This means I have clean water.

Catch & Spin Before Storm

Catch & Spin After Storm

Catch & Spin After 5 min Clean

Colin – Springrange (Dec 2023)

Excellent service by the team.

Tank clean was done whilst I was at work.

I wouldn’t have even known they were here, no mess to clean up and minimal water loss if any during the cleaning process. Wife reckons she can tell the difference in the water quality and now Tank had over 150mm sludge in the bottom right up to the outlet pipe, now I can see the tank floor again.

Robert, Collector (Feb 24)

Leigh was reliable and thorough.

Very much appreciated.

Tina – Googong (Feb 24)

Excellent friendly service.

Would recommend and I will definitely be having my tank cleaned more often!

Leigh came the next day after I called to enquire about a tank clean.

Jenny – Sutton (Jan 24)

Leigh’s Water Tank Cleaning were great.

Cleaning of our water tank was quick & we had no issues in our dealings with them.

Carmen – Canyonleigh (Dec 23)

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Based in NSW, servicing the corridor between The Hawkesbury and The Snowy Mountains, including the ACT

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